Christian Education

Christian Growth Classes

Christian Education will offer the following classes:  

Anyone interested in signing up for these classes, ChrisEd will be in the foyer following both services.   

Thursdays – beginning - March 7 – BASICS OF CHRISTIAN GROWTH; Know WHAT you believe and know WHY you believe it; Facilitator: Bro. Michael Bostic; No Pre-requisite

Tuesdays – beginning - March 5 – ROMANS; Justification by Faith - Salvation is by Grace alone through faith;Facilitator: Rev. Lisa Maye; Pre-requisite must have successfully completed “DISCIPLESHIP. “

Thursdays– beginning - March 7 – DISCIPLESHIP; “Come Follow Me”……Jesus; Facilitator: Rev. Lisa Maye; Pre-requisite must have successfully completed “How to Understand God's Word.”


Reverend Lisa Maye
Director - Ministerial and Education

Sis. Ophelia Staples
Co-Director Administration 

Sunday School
Rev, Dr. Gaines Culpepper - Superintendent
Sis. Dorothea Cadett - Assistant Superintendent

Members In Motion
Bro. Michael Bostic - Coordinator
Sis. Rosalind Bennet - Assistant Coordinator

VBS 2018 Committees
Chairperson - Rev. Lisa Maye
Co-chair - Sis. Ophelia Staples