Christian Education

Christian Education: ChrisED offers classes to all members and friends of all ages.  Here is a list of some upcoming classes for you and your family.  Please mark your calendars to attend.

Christian Growth Class

Know WHAT you believe, and know WHY you believe it. “The Basics of Christian Growth” is a foundational class that was offered for 8 weeks.

Hosted by Reverend Lisa Maye.

Listen To past classes here

Audio Lesson #1  October 23
Audio Lesson #2  October 30
Audio Lesson #3  November 6
Audio Lesson #4 November 13
Audio Lesson #5 November 27
Audio Lesson #6 December 4
Audio Lesson#7 December 11
Audio Lesson #8 December 18

Reverend Lisa Maye 
Director - Ministerial and Education

Sis. Ophelia Staples
Co-Director Administration 

Sunday School
Rev, Dr. Gaines Culpepper - Superintendent
Sis. Dorothea Cadett - Assistant Superintendent

Members In Motion
Bro. Michael Bostic - Coordinator
Sis. Rosalind Bennet - Assistant Coordinator

VBS 2018 Committees
Chairperson - Rev. Lisa Maye
Co-chair - Sis. Ophelia Staples