Veterans & First Responders Recognition
November 10, 2019, 7:30 am
7:30 AM Worship Services       9:30 Sunday School (All Ages)     10:45 AM Worship Services

Veterans & First Responders Recognition:  On Sunday, November 10th, we will observe our annual Veteran’s and First Responders Day program.  Our guest speaker will be Dr. Gerald Gray, USA Retired.  Also, if you are a Veteran or First responder, please share photos of your service days with us.  Please submit your pictures in an envelope with your name legibly annotated on the front to any member of our Media Ministry.  Your pictures will be returned to you.   Also, this year, as in years past, we are asking retirees and veterans to wear the “service” (Dress) uniform that was in effect upon your retirement or discharge.  If you have “matured” beyond your dress uniform, don’t fret.  In 2006, the Department of Veteran’s Affairs began encouraging all military retirees/veterans to wear their service medals and decorations during Veterans Day and/or Memorial Day on their civilian clothing.  According to the VA, veterans can wear them proudly displayed over their left dress coat pocket.  “Let your [church family] know that you took that oath and served.”  To properly adorn your medals and or decorations, consult the guidelines for your branch or visit https://www.wikihow.com/Wear-Medals-on-Civilian-Clothes.