FOFMBC Scholarship 2019


The Patrina T. and Reginald B. Newman Scholarship Fund
We believe that one of the best ways to invest into the lives of young people is to provide an educational opportunity. Our goal is to ensure that every successive generation would be better than the one that preceded it. This opportunity is for a deserving Fountain of Faith graduating senior to do their very best and apply.

Scholarship Ministry:

Fountain of Faith provides opportunities for its members to receive financial assistance to continue their education at a technical/vocational school, college, or university.



2018 Officers:
Kasmyene Hayes, President,;
Therse Bowen, Vice-President,;
Raisha Coleman, Secretary,;
Frances Rayburn, Treasurer,;
Deacon Jose Ward, Ministry Deacon,

 Contact the Scholarship Ministry at

If you are seeking a ministry home, please consider joining us during our monthly scheduled meetings
(1st Thurs of each month)
Time:  7:00pm to 8:00 pm
Location:  FOFMBC Church Annex